how to disappear completely


how to disappear completely and never be found is an ongoing long-distance project which is both a documentation of overcoming social anxiety and a surrealish manual how to disappear. in the first case it’s a documentation of anxiety. to be more accurate, not only anxiety, but also nightmares, hallucinations and impressions with fuzzy borders so that one might not perceive this issue as disorder.

the project was built on paradoxes. at some point I was taking plenty of photographs on the phantasy of disappearing even though I had such a strong willing to get over those states of anxiety and persisting fear. trying to figure out how to get back to the point of everyday lucidity though I was analyzing recent hallucinations at the same time. project (or process i would say) turned out to be the therapy which has resulted in several questions and not that many responses as one may expected.

perhaps questioning nowadays has more things in common with lack of self- consciousness or crisis of self-confidence than with the urgent desire of understanding. tones of manuals and billions of questions are being send to unidentified webspace and as the outcome the act of receiving a certain response is not that crucial anymore. and so the anxiety arises.

how to disappear completely and never be found might be a tittle of another manual held on a dusty bookshelf, but the truth is that natural weapon in the form of defense mechanisms is way more effective.