Marta Kaczmarek was born in 1995 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Student of New Medias at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, living for a while in Portugal what has influenced on vibrant colors in recent works. What she loves about photography is finding bridges between other fields of art so as to create a vividly surreal ambiance.




Her works were published in polish printed magazines, such as KMAG, Warsawholic, Live&Travel, ASF, Imperium Kobiet, Label,
High Life Magazine, but recently she is more interested in traditional, analogue photography, which she is trying to combine with digital techniques. In 2016 her works were part of DEBUTS book among 40 most talented emerging Polish photographers.



KMAG magazine
VOGUE Poland
Label Magazine

Cake Magazine
NicOtine Magazine
Sicky Magazine
Contributor magazine
Flanelle magazine
Kaltblut magazine
Knots magazine
Just magazine

contact markaczmarek@yahoo.com
+48 883 159 187

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